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Tank linings are available for metal, concrete, and fiberglass vessels. Lining materials include thermoplastics, thermoset organic polymers, and rubber linings. Due to the diverse technologies available we can assist you with determining the best lining for your specific application. Application methods include electrostatic, dispersion, rotational molding, spray, roll, trowel, slip lining, bonded sheet linings and more.

  • Thermoset Organic Polymers
  • Electrostatic Coatings
  • Dispersion
  • Dual Laminate - Plastic and FRP
  • Loose Fluoropolymer Lined Steel
  • Rotational Molding
  • Rubber Lined Steel
  • Plastic Steel Lining - Vinyl, Polyethylene
  • Bonded Plastic Lined Steel

  • *Materials include PVC, CPVC, PPL, PE, Epoxy, Vinylester, Furan, PTFE, Tefzel, PFA ,Halar, PFA, Kynar and MFA..

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